Joint Cambridge University Press and Lancaster University study of spoken English language finds that traditional Christmas favourites are losing their appeal.

Early findings from a comparative study of spoken British English revealed that traditional British food and drinks are declining in popularity, could this spell the end to traditional Christmas favourites such as sherry, brandy and even custard?

The study, which compares spoken British English from today with recordings from the 1990s, allows researchers to analyse how our tastes in food and drink, amongst other things, have changed over time.

Traditional British favourites and holiday dinner staples such as Yorkshire puddings and custard have been overtaken by takeaways, notably pizza and curry.

This trend extends to our drink preferences too. When it comes to Christmas stalwarts, sherry and brandy appear to have fallen out of favour over the last 20 years replaced by vodka, gin and even champagne, all of which are being talked about more.

These are only some of the initial findings from a small pilot of the project, named the ‘Spoken British National Corpus 2014’.

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Cambridge University Press