We no longer use 'marvellous' according to research by Lancaster University and Cambridge University Press.

The digital revolution and America’s growing influence on our culture have dramatically changed the way British people speak over the past two decades.

Part of the study looks at the most common words of Britain today. Not surprisingly the internet age has had a massive influence on the words we use. While in the 1990s we were fascinated with ‘Walkmans’, today it has been replaced by the likes of ‘online’ and ‘smartphone’.

‘Awesome’ has rapidly overtaken ‘marvellous’ as the most emotive word in today’s speech. The research shows that in 2014 the word ‘awesome’ appears 72 times per million words compared to ‘marvellous’, which has fallen in use from 155 times per million 20 years ago to only two times per million today.

These words are some of the most common words used in that decade and not a like-for-like substitution.

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