British National Corpus 2014 in the News

Lancaster University and Cambridge University Press are collaborating on the creation of the ‘Spoken British National Corpus 2014’ (the Spoken BNC2014) - a collection of 10 million words of spoken English.

The project, which is led jointly by Lancaster University’s Professor Tony McEnery and Cambridge University Press’ Dr Claire Dembry, is to compile a very large collection of recordings of real-life, informal, spoken interactions between people whose first language is British English.

These will then be transcribed and made publicly available for a wide range of research purposes.

Here you can read our interesting and entertaining research insights from the project, looking at how the things we say has changed over the past 2 decades!


back to school

We talk about education twice as much as we used to.


We talk about family almost twice as much as we used to.


'Marvellous' has been abandoned for 'Awesome'.


Are traditional, festive treats still our Christmas favourites?


The way we describe our family has changed over time.


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