The research we do at Cambridge University Press is multi-, trans-, and interdisciplinary. Our collaboration with the University of Cambridge offers us valuable resources to draw on in terms of research, data and best practices. We are also widening our perspective beyond that, given the global nature of our field, and are developing a global network of experts and researchers.

Our Global Network is a network of experts who specialise in different areas of linguistics, pedagogy, educational psychology, and various areas of language, learning and teaching research. These experts contribute to a variety of research projects undertaken by us to help better inform ELT materials development here at Cambridge University Press. The following are some of the types of projects we work on within our network:

  • Classroom based research
  • Data collection
  • Data analysis: qualitative and quantitative
  • Report writing
  • Cambridge Papers in ELT
  • Academic publishing
  • Research driven workshops, presentations, and publishing guides
  • (Inter)Nationally funded research projects
  • Group research projects

How can I get involved?

Our network is always expanding and largely it grows as a response to changing needs in publishing and among our customers. We do however welcome suggestions for research areas that you think may be interesting for us and projects on which you may want to collaborate with us. If you would like to get involved, go to our Contact Us page.

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