Both Cambridge University Press, ELT and Cambridge Assessment English continuously work on valuable research projects. Some of our key joint projects include:

Cambridge Learner Corpus

We have built this corpus of over 50 million words by collecting and error-coding Cambridge exam scripts submitted by over 220,000 students from 173 countries. This has helped us get a much deeper understanding of how students use English at each stage of their learning journey, helping us design new courses that are informed by these research-based insights.

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Cambridge Corpus of Academic English

Otherwise known as CamCAE, this is a corpus of academic writing ranging from high school students to published academic authors.

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English Profile

This is a research project, originally sponsored by the Council of Europe, which Cambridge University Press and Cambridge Assessment English ran to gather data on what the Common European Framework of Reference means specifically for learners of English.

Our focus has been on gathering data on the grammatical and lexical learning points mastered at each CEFR level. The findings from this research have been incorporated into the English Vocabulary Profile and the English Grammar Profile.

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Cambridge Framework for Life Competencies

The Language and Pedagogy Research Team at Cambridge University Press developed a framework to bring clarity and detail to the area of life skills. We have worked with Cambridge Assessment English on refining and validating the framework, and v3.0 (released in September 2018) has developed based on this collaborative work.

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