When a new English language programme has been introduced within an institution, we can help examine its impact on learning by implementing and running an Impact Study with the school or university.

In order to evaluate how learning has changed, we collaborate with the school or university and provide the framework and tools for the Impact Study. We usually focus on three main areas:

  • Language proficiency – how has their English improved over the programme?
  • Motivation to learn – how have their attitudes to learning English changed over the programme?
  • Behaviours – how have the learning behaviours changed over the programme?

Impact Studies involve collecting information at the start and end of the programme to track changes. Where possible, we include control groups to assess how far the new programme is a key reason for change. We normally focus on programmes where a new English language course from Cambridge University Press has been adopted.

The report from the Impact Study is confidential for the institution, but if they are happy to share the findings more widely, we can produce public reports, presentations and academic papers based on the Impact Study.

If you are interested in conducting an Impact Study in your school or university, please go to our Contact Us page.

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