Teacher Research is a popular topic on the Cambridge ELT blog. You can find some accessible introductions to the topic in past blogposts via the links below:


1. What is teacher research, how can you do it and how can you benefit from it?

There are two interesting posts on this topic, one by Simon Borg and another by Laura Patsko featuring key points from Simon's book, 'Teacher Research in Language Teaching: A Critical Analysis', published by Cambridge University Press. Simon himself also gave a brief account of his motivation for producing this book and some of its key messages.


2. Interview with the editors of the Cambridge Guide to Research in Language Teaching and Learning

Laura Patsko, Senior ELT Research Manager at Cambridge University Press, interviewed the editors of a new CUP research guide, Christine Coombe and JD Brown, about why this guide was produced and what teachers can gain from doing research. The interview was published in two parts: Part 1 and Part 2.


3. A teacher's account of researching his own practice

Marcin Lewandowski, the winner of the 2014 Teacher Research Programme, wrote about his experience of conducting action research in this blogpost.


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