How do we prepare our students to succeed in a fast-changing world? To collaborate with people from around the globe? To create innovation as technology increasingly takes over routine work? To use advanced thinking skills in the face of more complex challenges? To show resilience in the face of constant change? These are questions educators around the world are trying to address. In Cambridge, we have been working on how we can help you with this.

There have been many initiatives to address the skills and competencies our students need for the 21st century - each relating to different contexts. At Cambridge we are responding to educators that have asked for a way to understand how all these different approaches to life competencies relate to English language programmes.

We have set out to analyse what the basic competencies are. This is to help us create an underlying framework to interpret different initiatives. We have also started work on examining the different stages of the learning journey, and how these competencies vary across each stage.

You can find some more information in the Cambridge Framework for Life Competencies leaflet (pdf).

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