Cambridge Papers in ELT

Written by academic experts, this series of papers connects the deeper insights of linguistic and pedagogical research with the reality of everyday ELT practice. Click on the images below to view/download the papers (pdfs).

Blended language learning

CambridgePapersinELT BlendedLearning 2016 ONLINE 1

ELT trends: beyond technology

CambridgePapersInELT WhatsNew 2016 ONLINE 1

Enhancing student interaction

CambridgePapersInELT EnhancingInteraction 2018 ONLINE

Extensive reading for primary in ELT

CambridgePapersInELT ExtReadingPrimary 2018 ONLINE 1

Extensive reading: why and how?

CambridgePapersinELT ExtensiveReading 2017 ONLINE 1

Giving feedback on speaking

CambridgePapersinELT FeedbackOnSpeaking 2018 ONLINE

Immersive speaking tasks

CambridgePapersInELT ImmersiveSpeakingTasks 2018 ONLINE

Learner-centred content

CambridgePapersInELT LearnerCentredContent 2018 ONLINE

Near peer role models

CambridgePapersinELT NearPeers 2018 ONLINE

Personalization in adaptive learning

CambridgePapersinELT AdaptiveLearning 2017 ONLINE 1

Personalization in mobile learning

CambridgePapersinELT M learning 2016 ONLINE 1

Safe speaking environments

CambridgePapersInELT SafeSpeaking 2018 ONLINE

Successful learners and teachers

CambridgePapersinELT Successful Learners 2017 ONLINE 1

The development of Oracy skills

CambridgePapersInELT Oracy 2018 1

Time for speaking practice

CambridgePapersinELT TimeForSpeaking 2017 ONLINE 1

Using mobiles in the classroom

CambridgePapersinELT MobilesInTheClassroom 2018 ONLINE

Visual literacy in ELT

CambridgePapersInELT VisualLiteracy 2016 ONLINE 1

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