Here is a list of some of the schools and universities that participated in our research.


Malolos City High School

The Philippines

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English Learning Solutions


 ELS Remedios

"Taking part in the Language Research Ambassador competition has been a very positive experience; it was a definite success among students." 


Eleni Bouna Arvanti's School of Foreign Languages


 BOU Helen

"The main thing we have found from taking part in the research is that it has added a real life element to the lessons. Lessons can become very text book and test based and it is good to sometimes use language for a 'real' purpose. Receiving certificates from Cambridge has also proved a great motivator to many of the students."


Mileniumi i Trete


KLL Krenare

"By taking part in this research, I was reminded of our students' potential and their willingness to participate in extracurricular activities. I was impressed by the significant number of students who were interested and took part in this research. Moreover, I was able to learn more about them outside the regular learning environment and could see how open they are. On a personal level, the participation on this research has helped me become more experienced in collecting and co-ordinating data."


Nagoya University of Foreign Studies


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SJK Chung Hua Batu 29


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"Valuable collaboration with people on the other side of the planet."

Zhengzhou University


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 "I have loved taking part in such studies as I believe that this is attributed to adoring the English language."



American Land Academy


rsz ala sarah

"The Language Research Ambassador project was a great way to get English out of the classroom. The students felt good that their English was going to be heard by someone else, other than their teachers and parents and really enjoyed the activity. It was definitely a positive experience for everyone involved."

Rosa Castro Sousa


Rosa Castro Sousa logo

"A grand project, a great way to make my students speak even more."


University of Languages and International Studies


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"It was my honour to take part in the Language Research Ambassador competition. Not only did this competition help me realise my students' potential but also gave me good chances to contribute to the valuable language research of Cambridge University Press. I would like to thank Cambridge University Press for such a wonderful research experience."

Cambridge University Press